S’more Love: Valentine’s Smore Station

This year,  I wanted to do something different from my usual Valentine’s dessert table. I decided to create a s’mores station instead. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than a warm, gooey s’more! Am I right or am I right?!

This is a great idea for not only Valentine’s day but for any love inspired celebration as well. Create a s’mores station at your next bridal or baby shower, or even a wedding. You can also add personalized treat bags or napkins for a custom touch.

I went with a traditional s’more station using only graham crackers, milk chocolate & marshmallows; but feel free to spice things up. Some suggestions for station add-ons are: dark chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter cups, flavored marshmallows or strawberries. Make it your own! Keep it traditional or go as crazy as you please.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to photograph each step of the set up. However, It’s extremely simple and I’ve provided a few written instructions as well as some link to the supplies I used below.

Some of my favorite details to look out for are:

  •  The Heart Shaped Fire Pit &
  • The Moss Covered Crates



Moss Covered Crate

To create this crate, I used the Hello Spring Gardening Moss Roll , a Half Crate by ArtMinds, a pair of  scissors and a glue gun. I was able to use one roll of moss for both crates. Simple, measure each side of the crate and cut a piece of moss that size leaving a small amount for overlap (around a 1/2 inch). Using your glue gun, attach the moss to each side and your done. Easy, Peasy!


Heart Fire Pit

To create this fire pit, all you need is a heart shaped container, some chafing fuel and a few river rocks and boom! (Don’t be silly like me and forget to check your lighter for fluid.) Light this bad boy up, put some marshmallows on a skewer , and roast those babies until they’re nice and gooey and s’more ready.


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xoxo Lysi

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