Lysi TV: Skull Mason Jars Video Tutorial

I have made these mason jars for so many different events and they are always a hit. So here is a Halloween version of one of my favorite ways to dress up mason jars.

Here’s What You’ll Need…

-Paper Straws
-Mason Jars
-Cardstock Paper
-Epoxy Stickers
-Washi Tape

-Hot Glue Gun
-Scoring Board (optional)
-1 inch circle hole punch

-Cut cardstock paper into 1.5 x 12 inch pieces
-Use the hole punch to cut round pieces out of cardstock
-Use a scoring board to score paper half an inch apart (optional)
-Fold the paper back and forth like an accordian
-Glue ends of paper together
-Lay paper flat and place a glob of hot glue in the middle
-Hold paper in place for about 15 seconds or untill glue is hard
-Glue paper circle on back of the rosette
-Place skull sticker on the front of the rosette
-Place washi tape on the mason jar
-Glue rossete on mason jar
– Pour beverage, add paper straw, and ENJOY!

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xoxo Lysi

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  1. […] I was so proud of how these mason jars turned out; I decided to create a Halloween version of these jars as well.  To see a video tutorial for the technique click HERE. […]

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