Pink and Gold “About To POP” Dessert Table

 I love any theme/decor that incorporates the colors gold or pink. Gold is the color of luxury & royalty and pink is the color of universal love so together they’re absolutely perfect.

I created a pink and gold dessert table for my friend Iyanna’s baby shower adorned with popcorn, soda pop, rice krispie pops, and cake pops to compliment her “Iyanna is about to POP” theme.

One of my favorite elements were the box stands I created using paper mache boxes, spray paint, and glitter. They were super easy to make and looked great on the table. If you guys want a tutorial on how I made these boxes please leave a comment below and let me know.

I had such a good time styling this table and I hope it provides plenty of inspiration for your next celebration.






xoxo Lysi

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